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Culture Tribes
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Rising Drop-out Rates. Bullying. Burned-out Educators. High Teacher Turnover. Low Morale.
Sometimes the reality of our school system doesn’t line up with what we dreamed of achieving as leaders in education. 
No matter what struggles your school community is facing, you have the power to inspire change and create the impact 
you’ve always envisioned. 
Sometimes you just need a little help - 
and your Culture Tribe is here to guide and support you every step of the way!
The First Step Toward A 
Sustainable Positive School Culture Starts Here.
Got Core Values 
Educational Leaders to create comprehensive, sustainable, positive school cultures using the power of positive psychology, mindfulness, and deep guided leadership discovery and development. We give your school leadership teams the strategies, tools, and team building opportunities they need to become unique, amazing leaders aligned with the values of the entire school community. Together, they will cultivate the collective capacity to create and amplify the school culture you all dream of.

Since 2011 We Have Helped Over 30 Schools Achieve:
  • 10-30% Increased Graduation Rates & Academic Success!
  • ​50% Greater Teacher Retention!
  • ​Positively Transformed Student Behavior!
  • ​Amplified Family & Community Engagement!
  • ​Increased Staff Collaboration, Innovation & Morale!
  • ​Renewed Sense of Staff Wellbeing & Purpose!
CEO & Chief Culture Coach: Sandi Herrera

Let’s make your school a place that students and staff are excited to show up to each day!
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What Happens In A Culture Tribe?
10 schools. 5 leaders per school. 1 three-hour workshop per month.
Once a month, FIVE leaders from your school will participate in a 3-hour workshop.
During the session, we’ll guide them through the process of consciously creating a positive culture that is unique to your community’s values.
In between our workshops, you will have an opportunity to collaborate as a tribe via your private Facebook group. You will also have access to your Culture Coach for any questions, challenges or successes that arise.

Every month brings new insights and growth. Our comprehensive workshop curriculum is designed to create powerful, transformative results in only 10 months!
We’ll Work Together To... 
  • Understand your staff’s natural brain-wired strengths
  • ​Pinpoint how your leadership communicates most effectively
  • ​Find each individual’s path of least resistance to success
  • ​Define and articulate your school community’s common language of core values
  • ​Infuse those core values into every facet of your school’s culture
  • ​Amplify family and community engagement
  • ​Strategically define your unified vision so everyone is rowing in the same direction towards your culture and student achievement goals
Can’t get your leadership team to the workshop location?  No worries!
Your leadership team has the option to choose to enroll in our Virtual Culture Tribe workshops that happen each month via Zoom.
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How Do I Get Started?
1. Schedule Your FREE Culture Audit
During your Culture Audit, you’ll receive real-time coaching and feedback on your school’s unique set of challenges, as well as answers to any questions you may have about joining one of our Culture Tribes.
2. Easy Onboarding 
If you decide Culture Tribe is right for your school, we’ll welcome you aboard during your scheduled call! Participating in the program costs only $550/month, and our team is well-versed in working with school purchasing departments -- making it super easy for you to get started designing, creating and living the culture you desire! -  All Rights Reserved